• OUR mission

    To provide quality services in a rigorous environment and focusing our approach on our customer’s needs by integrating into their value chain.

  • OUR values

    By positioning ourselves as a leader in the diagnostic industry, the values of BNK Laboratories are based on a work ethic which promotes:
    Compliance with the Code of Conduct; Scientific expertise; Integrity; Customer oriented personalized service. We are committed to bring forward our human values through our commitment to our employees, our customer’s needs, as well as promoting a corporate culture based on the respect of each stakeholder.

  • OUR Vision

    Our vision is guided by our values. We aim to become the reference laboratory in the quest for effective and innovative diagnostic solutions to meet the specific needs of healthcare and clinical research professionals. Our vision is reflected through sustainable development, the pursuit of the population’s welfare, and by promoting access to our expertise.

  • OUR Services

    We put forward diagnostic solutions to meet the needs of healthcare and clinical research professionals, as well as tending to the needs of pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. We offer as well a specialized diagnostic training service for health professionals. With the aim of tackling the lack of expertise of specialized services in the diagnostic industry, our service offering will add value to existing techniques and will be customized to the needs of our customers. Our solution is to provide our customers with scientific expertise, quality data, all while enhancing accessibility at competitive rates.


    We aim at tailoring our services to cater our clients need for specialized and cutting edge services. By utilizing state of the art equipment, and offering the needed specialized support for data interpretation, we aim at become a fully integrated specialized service provider. In order to better support its client base, BNK Laboratories can access a network of specialist, doctors and experts for analysis, interpretation, and monitoring.

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