Our Services

BNK Clinical Research’s scientific team is composed of pharmaceutical and clinical research professionals as well as experienced scientists from the hospital laboratory setting. Working from its wide inventory of technological instruments, BNK Clinical Research will be able to assist you in the design, development, and validation of your diagnostic and screening assay methods, in conformity with the highest norms of the industry.

With an expertise in clinical research project management on a small, medium or large scale, BNK Clinical Research can cater its services to take on your screening analyses, trial subject’s follow-ups, shipment logistics of your trial kits and specimens, specimen storage, data management, and a wide range of related services.

The BNK Clinical Research team will assist you in the determination and development of the required study-specific tests for your clinical project.

With cutting edge technology allowing a wide range of biomarker assays, BNK Clinical Research will adapt to your specific development and validation needs. Our team of highly trained scientists has experience in a wide range of technological platforms, which allows for a tailored solution to your needs.

BNK Clinical Research puts forward its expertise on the detection of innovative therapeutic agents, as well as on the detection of antibodies and other biological markers.

BNK Clinical Research also offers personalized services in Microbiology such as the determination of antiviral antibodies, and works in close partnership with various experts in the field of Microbiology.

CLINICAL RESEARCH ASSAY MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT As a division of BNK Laboratories, BNK Clinical Research offers a wide range of services to clinical research professionals. With a team of experienced clinical research professionals, BNK Clinical Research is able to provide a tailored solution to your clinical challenges.

For an exhaustive list of our specialize analyses and for our offer of service, please contact us by phone at: 450-688-4432 or by email at : info@labobnk.com.

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