Based on advanced technology adapted to our customer’s needs, BNK Laboratories are at the forefront in the field of medical diagnostics. We offer a complete diagnostic solution, adapted and customized to the specific needs of healthcare and clinical research professionals.


    With over 300 validated analysis, we are able to offer a full range of analysis for diagnostic purposes. In addition, our scientific team has developed a range of specialized services in fields such as immunochemistry, genomics, infectious diseases and toxicology. We are able to develop specialized tests on request.

  • Clinical Research

    As a division of BNK Laboratories, BNK Clinical Research tailors its services to the needs of clinical research professionals. We offer services ranging from: central laboratory services for all the needs of a clinical study; kit preparation and customized study materials; traceability, sample management, monitoring and a sample storage services. With a dedicated internal resource, BNK Clinical Research puts forward a dedicated project management service for your needs. Our goal is to become your expert clinical laboratory and become an extension of your team.

  • Corporate healthcare

    BNK Laboratories puts forward an offer tailored to your needs. Through activities focused on health in the workplace, personalized support for employees, screening programs and pre-employment examination as well as a range of services for insurance companies, we put forward a comprehensive offering designed to meet the needs of different companies.