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Our commitment to data that meets reference values

At BNK labs, we place the utmost importance on the quality and integrity of all analytical data leaving our laboratory.

From patient intake to quality control, BNK laboratory implements strict internal and external quality control procedures to ensure that the results produced by our platforms comply with established reference values. 

Our scientific team is committed to studying each test thoroughly, accurately and according to standards, so as to provide you with sound information on which to base your decisions.

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We understand your needs

1/ Comprehensive support from start to finish, with a clear roadmap for every stage of the project

From pre-analysis to post-analysis, we ensure that every aspect of your mandate is carefully considered, providing you with a complete and transparent roadmap so that you can move confidently towards your objectives. You can move forward with peace of mind, knowing that we've thought of everything to ensure your project runs smoothly.

2/ Ensuring the security and integrity of your data

Our integrated approach covers pre-analysis, analysis and post-analysis, with an emphasis on data integrity at every stage.

Our secure IT systems ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all your clinical data. What's more, our scientific team verifies every result leaving our instruments and systems to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. You can trust our approach, because we take care of every detail, from security to the integrity of your precious data.

3/ Data quality

We know how essential clear, compliant information is to meeting your customer's expectations. That's why we place such emphasis on the quality of all the data we supply.

Our laboratory equipment is supplied with strict analysis protocols and clearly defined reference values. Every analysis performed with our equipment is carried out to rigorous standards, guaranteeing the reliability of the results you obtain. You can rest assured that every piece of data is rigorously checked and revised, eliminating any risk of non-conformity.

4/ Clinical data compliant with regulatory agency standards

Our commitment to compliance is at the heart of our approach. 

Before we deliver the results of our analyses, our scientific team rigorously checks every piece of data that comes out of our instruments and computer system. We make sure that everything conforms to the established standards, eliminating any risk of error or inconsistency.

What's more, every instrument used in our laboratory undergoes a rigorous audit process to ensure that it meets regulatory requirements and quality standards. You can be sure that all our analyses are carried out using compliant, reliable equipment.

5/ Experts available to clarify every analysis and reassure your customers

Our team of experts is on hand to answer scientific questions, and we ensure that all relevant data is shared in a clear and concise manner, to guarantee a perfect mutual understanding of each party's needs and expectations.

Our commitment to the compliance and feasibility of every test

Committed to the feasibility of our tests, our team invests in scientific monitoring in line with the study protocol, to ensure that all pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical phases are in line with protocol requirements.

Learn more about our rigorous pre-analytical process to ensure test conformity.

Through our pre-analytical process, each sample is carefully examined to assess its integrity, quality and the conditions under which it was transported.

If any non-conformities are detected, we immediately bring them to our client's attention and undertake a thorough investigation to determine the causes.

From reception to verification, our top priority is to guarantee the conformity of your samples, in order to provide you with accurate and honest results.

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Our analytical process for accurate results on time

We have strict protocols in place within our team, ensuring that reference values and quality standards are met at every stage of analysis. 

Throughout this process, we maintain rigorous follow-up to ensure that results remain reliable, compliant and easily accessible in our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

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Our POST-ANALYTIC process for preserving samples and guaranteeing long-lasting results

Our post-analytical process aims to ensure that results comply with reference values, laboratory standards and current legislation. We achieve this by stabilizing and preserving samples under optimal conditions, storing them in a specialized freezer. If necessary, these samples can be re-analyzed at a later date to ensure that they fall within the acceptable value ranges, in line with established requirements and standards.

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We have the resources & tools to help you

1/ Fast response times

Our commitment to proximity is at the heart of our approach, and we strive to create optimal communication through multiple channels.

Whether by phone, e-mail or other means, we're here to serve you and respond quickly to your needs. You can choose the method of communication that best suits you, knowing that we will always be available to help and guide you.

We're committed to responding quickly and reliably, so you can make informed decisions in the shortest possible time.

2/ Flexibility

Our technology platform is at the heart of our innovation and differentiation. It meets the specific needs of each type of test present in a study protocol. 

We have the option of purchasing kits and validating them in-house, rather than outsourcing testing. This flexible approach enables us to offer customized solutions, accelerate turnaround times and ensure optimum quality without ever losing control of the process.

3/ Scientific monitoring

Our partners play an essential role at every stage of our process to ensure optimal quality control.

We work in close collaboration with strategic partners in Europe, Canada and the United States, who enable us to keep a constant watch, exploring and discovering solutions adapted to each stage of the clinical process. This scientific synergy enables us to broaden the horizons of clinical research and offer our customers innovative solutions based on the most advanced knowledge.

4/ Scientific team

Our team is made up of internationally renowned profiles, all with PhDs and a wealth of experience in the hospital, pharmaceutical and clinical research fields. The diversity of their expertise enables us to offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

5/ Medical technologists

Our medical technologists are the technical experts who keep our platforms running smoothly. They are responsible for maintenance, troubleshooting and implementing the internal and external control procedures required for sample analysis.

Their technical expertise is essential to guarantee the smooth running of analysis operations. These trained professionals belong to professional associations and are accountable for each and every one of their actions. They play a crucial role in maintaining the platforms, carrying out internal and external control procedures, and studying correlations within the instruments.

6/ Network of equipment suppliers

BNK labs benefits from an extensive network of renowned equipment suppliers. This gives us access to a wide range of state-of-the-art resources and technologies to support our clinical research activities. Our close collaboration with these suppliers enables us to stay at the forefront of innovation and offer you state-of-the-art solutions to meet your specific needs. 

Let's talk about your project

Whether for clinical analyses, study protocols or other project management needs, we have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to large-scale requests thanks to our open, automated technology platforms.